A moveable feast

As i mentioned in my former past I started reading Hemingways “A moveable feast” yesterday. Meanwhile I got completely absorbed by the book and finished it just a few hours ago.


Hemingway (to the left) and the rest of la generation perdue

It is truly a great book, not so much about Paris as I’d expected, but a catchy accord on the poet/writer society in Paris in the 20’s. As always Hemingways style is very direct and easy approachable, a fact that in my opinion deserves much praise. Too many writers are way to inapproachable (Kafka, in particular, annoys me with his absurdness).

The highlight of the book is when Hemingway describes a trip to Lyon with hypochondriach Scott Fitzgerald to pick up the latters car. This describtion is truly genious, from the beginning when Hemingway explains his motivation to go: The option of travelling a seasoned writer and thus the option to elevate himself in the unwritten hierarchy of writers in Paris, over the conversation Hemingway had with a mechanic in Lyon to when they have to make stop in a small town somewhere between Lyon and Paris as the rain is pouring down and the top of the car have been broken off. In this town Fitzgerald goes to bed, certain he’s deadly ill, and Hemingway have to get a termometer to convince him he’s alright.

I’m very much looking forward to reading more of the books of Hemingway, especially “For whom the bell tolls” which is definetely high on my reading list. Next book I will be reading is Aldous Huxleys “Brave new world”

You can read much more about Hemingways Paris on this great blog


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